Christine in her early years before becoming a balloonist, was in 4-H, placed high in FFA State and National Competitions, and was a NJ FFA State Officer. She also developed an extensive equestrian background which includes carriage driving, side saddle, and was on tour as a rider with the Royal Lipizzan Stallions. Christine first attended WCFF in 2003 as crew for the Space Shuttle special shape balloon and has enjoyed coming back ever since. Last year, the day after earning her private pilot rating, she was on the WCFF balloon field and flying in competition with very experienced pilots.

Christine has flown in the NJ Festival of Ballooning, solo among 600 balloons from around the world in Albuquerque, and in Thailand. Recently and within the span of two weeks, Christine piloted for the US Flag, the Lighthouse, and Patriot Space Shuttle balloons.