Hector Corominas Jr

First balloon Flight was 1989 while stationed in Germany.

While photographing the balloons, a German pilot came up to me and asked if I wanted to go up with him. Moments into the flight I thought to myself, I want to become a balloonist.

Fast forwarded several years, I took my wife Teri to the Albuquerque Balloon International Festival, I had mentioned to her that becoming a balloonist was something I wanted to become one day. She turned to me and said that one day is now, that life is short. As soon as I returned home I started crewing for American Balloons, then in December, went back to New Mexico to get my Private certification.

A couple of years later received training and sign off for my commercial certification.

Ever since my wife and I have been traveling the United States, we have been to over 50 ballooning events from coast to coast and Mexico.

My wife is not only my crew chief, she has been my greatest supporter in me being a balloonist. We are a wonderful team. The balloon is a Cameron Viva 90, that is named Sky Gypsy.

Why Sky Gypsy….because we love to travel and Sky Gypsy has flown in the skies over many events and states. A journey that has brought along the way many great friends in balloonist, local crew members, passengers, spectators and sponsors. I enjoy seeing how people light up when they see the balloon or get to experience flight for the first time, like me many years ago.