Joyce Lange

Joyce Lang returns to the 2015 Warren County Farmers Fair, along with her daughter, Kali, who is a student pilot. Rounding out the crew this year will be Barbara Magnano from Stroudsburg, Denise Casey from Easton and the Hechler Family from Bethlehem. The spirit of Fred Grotenhuis will fly on with us and our flights are dedicated to his memory. As a student pilot, Joyce logged time with Fred as an instructor in 1986; he made a tremendous impact on our lives. During the past year ballooning has taken Joyce out west once again to fly the desert, adding Nevada to the list of states in which she has flown. Prairie Dawn and her crew appreciate the generous hospitality of landowners in Warren County and respect the importance of farms and the dedication of those who work them. Joyce and Kali live in Bethlehem, PA.