Kenny Shumate

Kenny Shumate has been flying hot air balloons for over 35 years and has logged over 2300+ hours. Kenny is also a certified Flight Instructor and has trained over 59 new pilots. He has flown balloons of all sizes and shapes from the 2X Cloud Hopper models to the large 315,000 cubic foot 15 passenger balloons and special shape balloons like the United Van Lines Truck balloon, “Ella” the elephant balloon, The Brazilian Clown Balloon, The Amazon Birds Balloon, and The Beagle Maximus (one of his favorites).

Kenny and his special shape balloons have traveled to China, New Zealand, Japan, and several provinces in Canada. They have traveled as far west as Albuquerque, NM, to the north as far as you can go in the Northern part of Canada and as far as you can go south to the Florida Keys.

Kenny is a retired Firefighter from Walt Disney World Fire Department after 30 years of fire safety. Kenny is now able to enjoy the wonderful sport of ballooning full time if he chooses.