Tim Schonman and Tom Martin

tim schonman Tim’s wife Armine writes: I blame Tom! It is all his fault! He started it, almost 20 years ago! What was he thinking, didn’t he realize how crazy that sounds… “Honey I bought a Balloon”….imagine hearing that and not thinking your husband is crazy. Well, he is crazy, and it’s all Tom’s fault. We gauge the time by our daughter, let’s see, she was three on her first flight, she is 21 now, so 18 years, Tim and Tom have been balloon crazy for 18 years. Together they fly their Hot Air Balloon every chance they get, every nice day, every single nice day, every single nice day. All the time, they love it. Tim and Tom are crazy! Don’t get too close, use caution, small doses, it’s addictive. I warn you, please use caution. If you fly with them, you will catch it too. Just like I did.