RE/MAX is having a pumpkin decorating contest!
(for Children up to the age of 18)

1. Decorate your pumpkin with the RE/MAX logo. (see instructions below)
2. Fill out a card with your Name, Email Address, or phone number on it and the name of your pumpkin.
3. Put the Card Inside the Pumpkin
4. Bring it to the Warren County Hot Air Balloon Festival either Saturday Oct 24th or Sunday Oct 25th before the balloon Flights
5. Judging will be done at the Glow on Sunday Night
6. Winners will be notified by email or phone the following week and their pumpkins will be on display at The Clinton RE/MAX office and other offices in NJ.
7. Every Decorated Pumpkin gets you free admission to the Event (limited to the Carver for the first 50 Pumpkins)
8. The top prize winner can have the RE/MAX Balloon come to their school or community event of their choice!

If you want to carve it:

1. After cleaning out your pumpkin, tape this stencil to the outside (you can use the whole stencil or just the logo if you like.
2. Us a needle/pin to poke holes into the pumpkin along the edges of the pattern
3. Remove the Stencil, and use a knife or pumpkin carving tool to carefully cur out the pattern.

If you prefer not to carve your pumpkin, you can use the stencil to do make a pattern you can decorate.

Click here to download the template



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