Bruce Byberg

dick young

It was 1989 when Bruce saw his first hot air balloon. He traveled around crewing for the pilot and purchased his first balloon before having even taken a ride! He earned his license in 3 months and quickly was flying more than 300 passengers a year.

As a commercial pilot, Bruce has had the privilege of commanding the Fanta balloon (in Norway and Sweden), the United Van Lines, Anheuser Busch, and Werehburg theatre popcorn bag shaped balloon. For the past 20 years, he graced the New England skies in the iconic Re/Max balloon accumulating over 3,500 hours.

Some of Bruce’s fondest memories in ballooning are the many flights with Paul Newman and his friends, giving children rides at Paul Newman’s special summer camps, and flying over the pyramids in Mexico and the countryside of Norway.

Bruce maintains membership with the Balloon Federation of America, Great Eastern Balloon Association, Connecticut Lighter than Air Society, and Aircraft owners and Pilots Association.

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