Jack Edling

Jack received his fixed wing pilot license at 16 while in the Boy Scouts. He has flown gyrocopters and helicopters in power line inspections.

He has been a hot air balloon pilot since 1985. He obtained his commercial license in 1986. Jack attends about 10 balloon festivals per year. He also flies at home in the suburbs of Philadelphia.

Jack was a board member of GEBA (Great Eastern Balloon Association) from 1998-2006. He was the President from 2004-2006.

When it is too windy to fly hot air balloons, they fly large parafoil inflatable animal kites. They also enjoy throwing boomerangs. He said – yes they do fly well and return, but you have to catch them for the throw to count in boomerang competitions.

Jack says he got interested in flying as a child, because he had nightly recurrent dreams of flying like Superman.


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