Tim Schonman and Tom Martin

tim schonman Well let me tell you, we started a long time ago, especially in dog years. Captain Tom and I have been partners forever. When he flies the balloon, I drive the chase truck. When I fly, he drives. Most times my wife comes as well, you will enjoy meeting her, and everyone does. You’ll meet my kids as well, Jeannie is learning to fly, and Bill is just as happy staying on the ground. We started after Captain Tom went for a flight with a friend and got the bug. He soon started driving the chase truck…..fast forward to buying a balloon….(wait I need a driver let’s call Tim)… Lessons….. Book Tests…Flight Tests, presto he is a pilot. Mine came right after. Seems like yesterday. Well, twenty something years later Tim and Tom still have the same love of flying they had when the kids were little. We have met many wonderful people, who, just like you, have enjoyed sharing our love of flight. So give Guilia a call and ask to fly with Tim and Tom. Your life could change like ours did…

This year Tim Schonman will pilot the Unity Bank Balloon.


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